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"Dr. Sangwan's experiential approach to wellness has transformed my comprehension of health and wellness. She has opened my eyes to the links between physical health, relational health and spiritual health. She has taught me the importance of pure and balanced nourishment and revealed the link between food and symptoms, allowing me to come off several medications I thought I would be on for life.  As a direct result of participating in her 8 week mind/body course and team off site experience, I have seen dramatic changes in my way of thinking, my approach to self-care and the importance of giving my teams these tools to maximize their own potential.  This is a new and visionary approach to health and wellness."

Linsey Dicks, PT, MBA, Medical Group  Administrator, Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek, CA


"Dr. Sangwan's mind-body workshops combine the best available techniques from body awareness to enhanced communication. This synthesis results in a powerful program to improve physical health, life satisfaction and personal effectiveness. Though she is expert, she makes each encounter a co-learning experience for participants and herself, which adds to the freshness and power of the work."

David Sobel, MD, author, Healthy Pleasures and The Mind&Body Health Handbook

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