Intuitive Intelligence: Connecting the Dots to Heath and Happiness
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At Intuitive Intelligence our philosophy is simple: Everyone can achieve optimal health, feel energetic and create the life they want when they connect the dots in their lives. We call it the "ifivexperience".

i Think: How I Think impacts how I feel, what I eat, and what I say. All of these affect whether I’m inspired to do the right things for my health.

i Say: What I Say is related to my stress level and how I think and feel at any given time. The conversation I've been avoiding can affect how healthy I eat, and what I do (exercise or sleep).

i Feel: How I Feel is a direct result of what I think and say in relationships. My feelings are set in motion by how I eat (habits), and what I do (exercise).

i Eat: What I Eat affects everything from how I think , my moods and how I feel, to what I say. Chances are if my eating is erratic, my motivation to do (action, productivity & results) will be also!

i Do: What I Do, ranging from exercise to pursuing my goals, are motivated by what I think, feel and say. My choices are greatly influenced by how healthy (or unhealthy) I eat.

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